Audio Routing – Series-C-128×128



Housed in a 2RU frame, the DRS Series C offers several models of audio routing solutions for analog and digital signal formats. Analog frames supporting up to 128X128 mono or 64X64 Stereo are available as well as 64X64 AES-75 and 128X128 AES-110. Based on PESA’s distributed routing technology, the DRS Series C combines high-end audio signal management features to mix and match AES-110, AES-75, Mono Audio, and Stereo Audio. Each frame includes an on-board controller and power supply module to operate with our Cattrax control and management software. Redundant power is optional.

DRS stand alone User Guide

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• AES/ analog or time code in one common package
• 1RU supports 128X128 mono channels
• Models available for A/D and D/A combinations
• Select from BNC, ELCO, or 6-pin pluggable connectors
• Operates with Cattrax control and diagnostics software

• BNC – AES Audio (75 Ohm)
• 6 Pin Pluggable or ELCO – AES or Analog Audio
• DSP options – Gain, delay, L/R sum, L/R swap, breakaway
• Internal generator options – silence, sweep tone, white noise, pink noise
• Redundant power supply option