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Time Code Reader PCI Card

The TCR1000 is a universal voltage time code reader plug‐in style card for both 3.3V and 5V PCI
busses on IBM‐PC compatible computer systems. The card is designed to synchronize time in a PC or
Server from a master time code reference. In addition, it can be used as a SMPTE or IRIG‐B/B1 linear
time code (LTC) reader under software control. The reader is compatible with 24/25/30 fps NDF (Non
Drop Frame) SMPTE linear time code, as well as IRIG‐B pulse‐width time code format and the IRIG‐B(1) 1 kHz amplitude modulated time code format. Time code is detected automatically. Optional software provides an NTP reference for your network.


  • Universal voltage time code reader plug-in style card for both 3.3V
    and 5V PCI busses
  • Provides accurate time to PCs and servers for precise synchronization in embedded system
  • References time codes IRIG-B, IRIG-B1, SMPTE 12M, 309M, 24/25/30 fps (non-drop frame formats only)
  • Allows millisecond synchronization accuracy
  • Microsecond accuracy achievable through API development
  • Fully configurable time zone and daylight saving time offsets
  • Detects time code type and sets time code level automatically
  • LED status indicator


Time Code Inputs

  • SMPTE (30/25/25 fps – non-drop frame only) to Leitch Date Encoding Standard
  • IRIG-B pulse width coded (unmodulated) DC, IEEE 1344 Standard
  • IRIG-B(1) 1 kHz Amplitude Modulated, IEEE 1344 Standard


  • BNC connector for time code input
  • Optional 3 pin positive locking, right angle pin header for time code input


  • Half- height card
  • Length:  6.6 in (167.6 mm)
  • Height: 2.5 in (63.6 mm)


  • FCC, CE Marked, ROHS, ANSI

Holdover Accuracy

  • With loss of power or time reference syncronization, device reverts to an internal battery-backed real-time clock chip with accuracy of ± 1min/year or < 165ms per day

Configuration and Software

  • MCRSET utility for configuration and status
  • MCRSYNC service automatically keeps PC clock synchronized
  • DLL with documented API
  • Software runs as a service under Windows XP/7/Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016


  • TCRSync-NTP software provides NTP reference for heterogeneous operating systems on an Ethernet LAN

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